Roles Architect, Lead, Technical Program Manager, Builder, Application, Content & Web Developer
Development Skills C#, ASP.NET, AJAX/WebMethods, AuthN/AuthZ, Bootstrap, Entity Framework, Graphics/UI/UX, HTML5/CSS3/JS, JQuery, JSON, LINQ, MS SQL/MySQL, OWIN/OAuth, Python, Responsive, SSL, WF/WCF/WPF/Silverlight/XAML, XML/XSL
Application Skills VSTS, MS Office, Expression Blend, Photoshop, Illustrator, AutoCAD, Codeflow, Wireshark
APIs .NET, Bluetooth, Facebook Analytics/Graph, Google Analytics/Dart/Maps, PayPal, Twitter
Patterns/Practices Agile/Scrum, JSON, MVC, MVVM, REST, SOAP, WebAPI
Solution Types Console, Windows Desktop & Phone applications, Built & Programming Tools, ActiveX Controls, Websites & Web Applications, Automation Scripts


Job Radius Eastside/Lake-WA: Bellevue, Bothell, Kirkland, Issaquah, Redmond, Woodinville
Seattle: Downtown/Westlake bounded by Sodo & South Lake Union
Relocation Travel near & abroad, no problem: We have experience in China, EU, & Mexico. Completely open to telecommute & periodic F2F as required.


  • Well-educated, highly intelligent, extremely creative, focused, & a driving self-starter.
  • Big on documentation, organization, & collaboration. Enjoy Spec-Writing & providing concise reports.
  • Professional forte in Prototypes & awesome at hardware/software Integration.
  • At our best when under pressure, facing a deadline & racing to win.


  • Extensive knowledge in Electromechanical Engineering: Printed Circuit Board Design, mechanical hardware, packaging, Computer Systems Design, Build Lab Design, as well as experience in creating commercial, consumer, & military products. Combined with our software background, we are often propelled into exciting opportunities.
  • Design & build high-performance Electric Bicycles: Our favorite is a custom 2WD ebike easily able to go 45 mph with a range of 50 miles or more. In 2011, this ebike broke the world record for distance over time: 2500 miles/28 days.
Thank you for your interest. See our LinkedIn profile for more extensive information.